This Acura superfan recreated a classic 1980s ad with his own personal collection

Photo credit: Tyson Hugie

Every so often, you’ll come across a car campaign that stands out from the rest, from sweeping cinematics to the stunning vehicles themselves traversing the landscapes. The hook of a great ad can be powerful enough to bring droves of car enthusiasts to action. But for one Acura superfan, the draw to the brand alone was not enough.

Tyson Hugie from Scottsdale, Arizona, has taken passion and dedication to the Acura brand to another level, acquiring a handful of Acura models from the ’90s, turning a part of his house into a six-car garage, an homage to an Acura showroom of the ’90s, Motor1 reports.

However, the collection, complete with original brochures and ornaments from the decade, wasn’t a stepping-off point for Hugie. Inspired by a tearsheet in Acura Driver Magazine from 1997, he spent a wealth of time and money collecting each lineup model.

Hugie’s extensive ’90s Acura lineup includes: 1999 Integra GSR in Supersonic Blue Pearl, 1996 TL 2.5 TL in Garnet Red Pearl, 1992 NSX in Formula Red, 1999 CL 2.3 in Milano Red, 1996 SLX Premium in Radiant Red, and 2000 RL 3.5 in Nighthawk Black Pearl.

Using his six vehicles, Hugie was able to recreate a 1998 Acura commercial almost perfectly using the surrounding desert landscape, despite a few paint colour differences.

In total, this collection cost Hugie a total of around $40,000, well off from what Hugie suggests is the collective MSRP total of over $220,000 and a cumulative 1,010,215 miles before arriving in Hugie’s collection.

Impressive collection, Tyson. Now that’s superfandom.

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