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Shark Skin

Enhance the resale value of your vehicle!

Sharkskin Surface Protection is the next generation protection coating for automotive surfaces. Once applied, Sharkskin's nano-sized silicon dioxide molecules re-assemble themselves on the vehicle surface creating a negatively charged, highly repellant surface.

The treated surface repels water, dirt and other pollutants. It is UV stable and increases resistance to scratches. The surface is also easier to clean and keeps the vehicle looking like new.

Sharkskin Surface Protection is colourless, odourless, environmentally friendly and is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Nano particles
Paint Protection

Paint Protection

  • Keeps surface looking showroom new
  • Eliminates the need for waxing
  • Protects against weather, pollutants and oxidation
  • Wax, silicone and teflon free
Wheel Protection

Wheel Protection

  • Keeps alloy, chrome and steel wheels looking new and clean longer
  • Treated surface makes dirt, brake dust and road grime much easier to remove
Windsheild Nano-coating

Windsheild Nano-coating

  • Increases safety by dramatically improving visibility when driving through rain, snow and sleet
  • Improves night vision by reducing glare
  • Forms a self-cleaning membrane that keeps the windshield clean longer
  • Reduces wiper usage extending wiper life
  • Complimentary reapplication after the first 6 months for continued safety
Interior Protection

Interior Protection

  • Helps keep upholstery looking new & clean longer
  • Repels water, dirt and oil
  • Does not alter the look and feel of the upholstery
  • Bacteria resistant
  • Contains no toxic

Surface Protection