Rajni, Brampton

I just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for the flowers I received yesterday – they were beautiful and unexpected. Nick A. – It has been a real pleasure purchasing my car from you. I appreciated the time you spent with me ensuring I chose the right car, the options I needed all at a great price. In addition I appreciated you arranging for Marc to sit with me at delivery and run through the options while you were on holiday. Marc M. – I wanted to thank you for sitting with me and answering all my questions on how the car would function more practically & the hints and tips you provided on optimizing the tech package. More importantly setting up my phone so it connects automatically to the car – which has been a huge help. The Policaro Family – I cannot speak highly enough about Nick & Marc. They made the purchase of my new vehicle smooth and were able to answer a million and one of my questions. I am sure that they will come to regret telling me to call them any time with my queries!

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