Jon, Brampton

I never do this, but I must salute the great service I receive from Nick Lazzara on a consistent basis. Today I spent $500 on some brake work and I feel fantastic. Nick took the time to greet me immediately, reviewed the history of my car on file, explained what he recommended and said the car would be “no worries for my family trip down to Florida”. Nick made sure the car was cleaned, washer fluid topped up, and my navigation system was working for the trip not to mention the new brake service. Superior service is about developing relationships and trust .From Day 1 , 5 years ago ,Nick has invested the time to look after my needs , to make sure my day was going well , and I am a happy customer . I’ve been watching him over the years, and Nick treats all his clients the same. … with over the top courtesy and respect. This fella, on the front lines, gives a very positive impression on your company and makes a trip there less stressful. Please pass along my compliments to Nick and thank him once again for looking after me and my family’s safety. Great service makes all the difference.

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