Five detailing tips to get your Acura summer-ready

Taking the time to make your Acura look its absolute best can be a rewarding process. But we believe that drivers should spend more time behind the wheel instead of suffering the many trials of detailing, so we’ve rounded up five tips to take the guesswork out of making your vehicle look its best this summer.


Consistency is key

Providing your Acura with a shampoo and wax every 2 weeks is not only a great way to keep it looking spotless on the summer roads, but it also protects from an unwanted buildup of abrasive materials that could lead to damage or rust. Be sure to use automotive wash and wax to keep your paint spotless and protected.

Skip the sponge

Opting for a soft microfibre cloth instead of the traditional yellow sponge will offer a much better clean. Microfibre cloths make it easier to wash, rinse and dry your vehicle, avoiding scrubbing away or scratching the paint. Remember to keep your dry and wet cloths separate, take off any labels and rinse your cloth regularly during cleaning to prevent dirt buildup.

Clear as crystal

Window streaks are a nuisance to every driver. To catch them on cleaning day, get into a habit of wiping your windows in two directions. For example, wipe vertically outside and horizontally inside. In doing this, you’ll be able to determine which side of the glass the streak is on. Don’t forget to roll the windows down by two inches to clean the top of the glass.

More than a vacuum

Bits of dirt will often linger within the carpet after a vacuum. Try using a latex glove to create static within the carpet or lightly brush the carpet fibres with a nylon brush to release the dirt bits. Utilizing a carpet brush vacuum attachment will also aid this process.

Tires last, always

When the work is done, and your Acura is sparkling under the summer sun, take the time to detail your wheels and tires. This process should always be done last, as dressings or treatments often contain silicone that shouldn’t be on the bodywork before waxing.

Of course, we’d be happy to take all the guesswork and labour out of your next detailing. Policaro Acura offers several exceptional detailing services and packages to get your Acura summer-ready. Pre-book a service with us and have your vehicle tops for your summer road trips.

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