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Acura MDX JD

Acura MDX scores back-to-back wins: Named best-in-class for residual value again

The good news just keeps coming for Policaro Acura customers. For two years running, the Acura MDX has clenched the prestigious J.D. Power Canada ALG Residual Value Award, reaffirming its position as a standout in its class. Most recently, the MDX has won the top spot for 2023 Residual Value in the Midsize Premium SUV 3-Row Segment, an honour that proves Acura vehicles continue to be ranked among the top luxury brands in Canada for holding their value.

It’s a major victory, not only for Acura as a brand, but for MDX owners, like yourself. Such a recognition further solidifies the staying power of the Acura MDX. Industry experts agree, this 3-row SUV holds its worth. When you commit to an MDX, you can feel good about your investment—this is a vehicle that is expected to retain its value more so than any other in its category.

“We couldn’t be happier to receive this J.D. Power Canada ALG Residual Value Award for the second year in a row,” says James Marchand, Assistant Vice President at Acura Canada. “The Acura MDX and MDX Type S set the bar for performance luxury SUVs in Canada.”

Marchand emphasized Acura’s dedication to precision crafted performance, quality and reliability, noting that these key pillars helped the MDX snag this top spot for the second time in a row. The win further underscores Acura’s value proposition for Canadian consumers.

The J.D. Power 2024 Canada ALG Residual Value Awards carry significant weight in the automotive industry. It serves as a trusted standard for recognizing vehicles projected to retain the highest percentage of their manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) after three years. This year, 272 models were sent through an evaluation that looked at used-vehicle performance, product competitiveness and overall brand outlook.

This recognition is crucial for car buyers evaluating the total cost of ownership and resale value of a prospective vehicle, regardless of whether they opt for financing, leasing, or purchasing outright.

If you’ve been considering getting into an Acura MDX, we’d love to help you start your journey. Contact Policaro Acura today at (905) 458-7100, by email at, or by visiting our dealership in person.

2024 Acura ZDX Type S

The ZDX Type S arrives spring 2024 and will be Acura’s most powerful SUV of all time

“This is a historic moment for Acura Canada as we welcome our first fully electric vehicle to our line up,” says James Marchand, Assistant Vice President Acura Canada. “The all-new ZDX is just the beginning as we accelerate towards an exciting, electrified era based on our unwavering commitment to Precision Crafted Performance.”

The commitment is clear. The ZDX Type S will be the most powerful Acura SUV of all time, with an estimated 500-horsepower and both the ZDX and ZDX Type S will feature dual-motors and AWD. The sporty, A-Spec trim will be standard with the ZDX and the electrified motor will have an estimated 500 km range.

The electrified SUVs were first unveiled last August at Monterey Car Week as the Precision EV Concept. It was a visually striking luxury sports utility vehicle then, with smooth body lines and an LED pentagonal grille. The design of what we’ll see in the market has several similarities to the original concept.

ZDX and ZDX Type S built around a design-forward mindset

Power is paramount in the 2024 ZDX and ZDX Type S, but equally as important is its appearance. Both the SUV’s interior and exterior was designed at the Acura Design Studio in Los Angeles and its wide, low profile with long wheelbase will be unmistakable on the road. The electrified Acura will also come in an all-new colour: Double Apex Blue Pearl, which originally debuted on the Acura Precision EV Concept.

“As Acura moves into an exhilarating, electrified future we will continue to push the forward-thinking design and proportions of our products as we take full advantage of the increased styling and packaging freedom EVs offer,” Dave Marek, Acura Executive Creative Director, explained. “Embracing that creative liberation, our team was energized designing ZDX, Acura’s new modern expression of performance.”

ZDX will also feature a number of cutting-edge new technologies, like built-in Google, Bang & Olufsen speakers, as well as AcuraWatch™ 360+ with Hands Free Cruise.

Delivery is expected in spring 2024 and we’re just as excited about its arrival as you are. For more information about the 2024 ZDX and ZDX Type S, contact Policaro Acura today.


Powerhouse couple: Acura and Bang & Olufsen announce premium audio collab

There’s nothing quite as special as motoring down an open road with your favourite playlist on. It sets the entire mood for the driving experience. At Acura, we understand that a superior in-car audio experience is nearly as important as the mechanics itself. That’s why our latest collaboration with Bang & Olufsen, the high-end electronics maker, is so important to us.

It’s with great pride that we announce that the all-new fully electric 2024 ZDX and 2024 ZDX Type S will be the first Acura models to integrate Bang & Olufsen and its iconic audio performance technologies. We know that audiophiles around the world recognize Bang & Olufsen as a leader in sound quality and so it only makes sense that we would partner with the Danish brand for the release of our first-ever fully EVs.

“A world class, premium audio system is expected by consumers in performance and luxury focused vehicles,” said James Marchand, Assistant Vice President, Acura Canada. “Acura strives to be a ‘destination brand’ for Canadians and this newly announced collaboration with Bang & Olufsen takes us to the next level, this will amplify the consumer experience beginning with our first fully electrified vehicle, the ZDX.”

There’s no doubt that Acura customers will appreciate the quality and performance of the Bang & Olufsen system. HARMAN International, which owns Bang & Olufsen’s automotive division, is known for delivering unparalleled sound quality through its craftsmanship and state-of-the-art capabilities. The Bang & Olufsen premium audio system that will be housed in the 2024 ZDX has been designed specifically for Acura and will give both drivers and passengers an elevated listening experience.

“Acura and Bang & Olufsen are equally driven to deliver unparalleled performance and memorable experiences, and we’re excited to kick off our new long-term partnership that will set a new precedent for in-vehicle audio and technology for years to come as we collaborate on future Acura products,” said Tom Rivers, VP, Global Marketing at HARMAN. “The values and DNA of the legendary Bang & Olufsen brand are showcased in the incredible sound system HARMAN engineers have created for the new Acura ZDX, delivering the superior performance and quality fans of both brands have come to expect.”

It’s an exciting time for Acura as we anticipate the release of our first-ever, fully electric vehicle, and knowing that this model will come with such a high-end audio experience will make its arrival that much sweeter.

To learn more about the ZDX or its Bang & Olufsen system, contact the team Policaro Acura today.


The Acura Integra Type S has landed at Policaro Acura

The wait is over, Brampton. The highly anticipated Integra Type S has arrived at Policaro Acura and it’s everything you imagined and more. The last 24 months have been busy at Acura. There have been four Type S performance variants to launch in the market since 2021, and this latest iteration, the 2024, might be the most impressive yet. 

It’s a winning experiment in merging motorsports with elegance and the Integra’s heritage shines through. Outfitted with a two-litre turbocharged engine with four-cylinder six-speed manual/front-wheel outputs and 320 hp and 310 lb-ft of torque—an upgrade of 120 hp and 118 lb-ft over its predecessor— the Acura Integra Type S is, in fact, as ready for the track as it is for urban exploration.

Another unique feature: it’s the only manual transmission in its class. The short-throw 6-speed engine with a limited slip differential is as effective as it is fun to drive. You’ll also notice an innovative dual-axis front suspension design and performance-tuned Adaptive Damper System. This gives drivers expert handling and control, along with powerful Brembo® front brake calipers and lightweight 19-inch wheels.

A recognizable silhouette through and through The bold design sits low and wide. It’s an attractive silhouette and one that’s immediately recognizable, regardless of which angle you spot it from. From the centre-mounted triple exhaust outlets to the rear diffuser and front air intakes, the entire design is a reflection of the Integra Type S. Its DNA is built for high-performance.

With a suggested retail price of $55,6001, the Type S is a machine built to thrill. Discover the Integra Type S today by visiting us at Policaro Acura in the showroom or contact us via phone or email today.


What is the Acura Integrated Dynamics System or IDS?

Acura is a brand obsessed with precision. Its very name is a modification of the latin word “acu,” meaning done with precision. Its vehicles are developed and designed in the most meticulous and accurate manner, and the considerations made to the driving experience are as equally as on-point. So when it comes to choosing the dynamics, it’s no surprise that Acura drivers have a precise yet easy-to-use tool to dial in with: Acura Integrated Dynamics System. 

Acura’s Integrated Dynamic System, or IDS for short, features five drive modes – Normal, Comfort, Economy, Sport, and Sport+ – all accessible at the push of a button located beside the gear selector. Each mode includes pre-programmed settings that adjust the car’s power distribution, throttle response, steering feel, and more, depending on the desired driving experience or road demands. If, for example, you’re looking to save money on the morning commute? Slide it into Economy. Chauffeuring the in-laws? Consider Comfort mode. Or heading out on the track? Then Sport+ is the obvious choice.  

Here’s a detailed breakdown of each of the five Acura IDS drive modes: 


Well-balanced and perfect for regular driving, Normal mode provides a comfortable baseline for drivers. 


The Comfort setting builds on Normal by taking some of the steering wheel pressure off the driver and lowering steering input requirements. Relax and drive easy. 


When efficiency is the priority, drivers can activate Economy mode to get the most out of each tank of fuel. Throttle response is dampened and climate control moderated slightly to get more out of each litre.


Drivers can expect to feel and hear the difference in Sport mode as it adjusts several settings including Active Sound Control. Throttle response and steering wheel feel are sharpened to create a more precise, fast-twitch experience. And in Acura vehicles featuring Super Handling All-Wheel Drive, this mode also sends more power to the rear wheels for an even sportier sensation. 


The ultimate expression of Acura performance driving, Sport+ uses the same setup as Sport and punches it up with a unique shifting pattern featuring higher engine revs and quicker transitions through the gears. Best used on the track or wherever sporty driving is safely permitted. 

For more information on how to use the system, check out this quick and helpful video from Acura Canada.

And if you have any lingering questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly Acura experts here at Policaro Acura in Brampton, Ontario. You can contact us digitally right here, or directly by phone at 905-458-7100.

Acura Integra Wins 2023 North American Car of the Year Award

2023 Acura Integra awarded North American Car of the Year award

The Integra continues to reign as one of Acura’s most favourite vehicles. This year, the all-new 2023 Acura Integra has been recognized as the North American Car of the Year. It’s a title that holds a lot of weight. 

“The Integra is one of Acura’s most legendary and iconic nameplates, we are humbled and proud that the all-new Integra was bestowed with this prestigious award,” says James Marchand, Assistant Vice President Acura Canada. “It’s truly a testament to our talented engineers and manufacturing associates from around the world that developed and build it.”

Since 1994, the North American Car, Utility and Truck of the Year awards have recognized the best in automotive in terms of innovation and design, safety and technology, performance, value, and driver satisfaction. Fifty panelists made up of auto journalists from both Canada and the U.S. are responsible for ultimately determining the best in class.

Is the 2023 Integra a good car

With its innovative design and unbeatable performance in its sector, the Integra’s North American Car of the Year award makes sense.

“The 2023 Acura Integra is serving the same role in the lineup as the original model that helped launch the brand three decades ago by bringing in the next generation of driving enthusiasts,” adds Emile Korkor, Assistant Vice President, Acura National Sales. “

There’s something for everyone in the 2023 Integra, which adds to its appeal. The award-winning high-output 1.5-liter turbocharged engine produces 200 hp and 192 lb-ft of torque and the paddle shifters add to its sportcar feel. The standard Integrated Dynamic System (IDS) gives drivers the option to choose between three different driving modes: comfort, normal and sport. The 5-door liftback, with its coupe-like design, also adds to the car’s overall sporty aesthetic. 

The 2023 Integra is also customizable. Drivers who want to be more in-tune with their machine might opt for the 6-speed manual transmission.

Another reason to admire the 2023 Integra: it’s the first-ever Integra to be built on North American soil. The latest gen shared the same line as the Acura TLX at the state-of-the-art production facility Marysville, Ohio. Integra also earned the highest safety rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) this past year, making it a top choice for safety.

To get inside of an all-new 2023 Integra, contact Policaro Acura today. 

Acura ZDX EV Teaser

Get to know the newly announced all-electric Acura ZDX & ZDX Type S

Acura is stepping into the electrified era with the recent announcement of its leading fully-electric SUV models, the Acura ZDX and ZDX Type S, both of which are expected to hit the market in 2024.

The news of Acura’s electrified SUVs arrived in August at Monterey Car Week where the automaker unveiled a first look at its Precision EV Concept. The visually striking luxury sports utility vehicle, with smooth body sides, a floating roof and LED pentagonal grille, which is said to inspire the styling themes of the ZDX, is Acura’s push towards a new design direction.

The ZDX, which revives the name of a former Acura model, will be the first zero-emission SUV developed by the manufacturer, designed in the Acura Design Studio in Los Angeles. This same location is where the original ZDX was first born.

While many details are to be speculated about the ZDX in terms of power and performance, Acura’s commitment to an outstanding driver experience within an all-electric landscape is heralded by the Type S spec announced alongside the base model.

Both ZDX variants are being developed on the highly flexible EV platform powered by Ultium batteries designed in partnership with General Motors and Acura’s parent company Honda. Acura will continue to release EV models with their own e:Architecture in 2026.

“Our accelerated path towards electrification begins today with the all-new ZDX, the Acura brand will play a key role in our overall corporate strategy to achieve 100-percent carbon neutrality by 2050 with more fully electric Acura models being introduced in the years to come,” James Marchand, Assistant Vice President, Acura Canada, said in a release.

“Precision Crafted Performance will remain at the heart of everything Acura does as, even in this new electrified era, we remain focused on performance with Type S at the forefront.”

Last year, Honda global CEO Toshihiro Mibe detailed a vision of carbon neutrality for products and corporate activities by 2050, including the target for 100 per cent of North American sales to be battery-electric and fuel cell electric vehicles by 2040.

For more information about the 2024 Acura ZDX and ZDX Type S in the days to come, subscribe to the Policaro Acura newsletter.


Tips to consider before purchasing your next Acura

Whether you’re searching for a brand new 2023 Acura model or are considering a pre-owned vehicle, now is the perfect time to begin evaluating your next Acura purchase.

Planning and dealership consultation are the names of the game currently, as consumer demand in the automotive sector is at an all time high. Plus, with supply chain issues and a chip shortage, inventory continues to remain limited across North America.  With these factors in mind, here are a few tips to consider before buying a new or pre-owned Acura this season.

Plan your purchase ahead of time

When buying or leasing a vehicle, drivers generally look six months ahead to evaluate their options, whether it’s a newer model arriving at the dealership or a previous model with increased availability.

Currently, Policaro Acura is reaching out to guests between 12 to 18 months ahead of time in order to stay ahead of unexpected delays and extended wait times. This might feel extreme, but this added time creates a much needed buffer and helps avoid disappointment that can come with waiting until the six-month mark. Planning ahead allows customers to select their desired model, trim package and colour combinations while also taking advantage of the soaring equity new vehicles have on the market today.

Purchasing pre-owned vehicles

With heightened demand pointed towards the new car market, drivers searching for a pre-owned vehicle also have the advantage of an increased number of vehicle trade-ins arriving at dealerships across the country.

At Policaro Acura, we have insight into all incoming pre-owned inventory many months in advance. Guests searching for a pre-owned vehicle can be given insight into upcoming pre-owned inventory, receive a timeline for arrival and be placed on a unique order list to view the vehicles before they hit the consumer market.

To find a new or pre-owned Acura model, contact Policaro Acura today.


Happy Anniversary: Policaro Group celebrates 35 years of Acura

Policaro Acura has evolved over the past 35 years. We’ve adapted to industry challenges, built a strong family of Policaro Acura employees and fostered a passionate group of community members throughout the decades. 

The Group began its journey with Acura in 1987 with the launch of Canada’s first-ever Acura dealership, Acura 2000. It was an exciting time for the nation’s automotive industry and Policaro Group found itself at the forefront, providing Canadians with more access to the Japanese automaker than ever before.

Today, Policaro Acura and the entire Policaro Group is proud to continue to provide our customers with top-quality automotive engineering. We look forward to even more milestone years serving our community.

This year, the anniversary coincides with a big one for Acura Canada, too. The Acura brand is celebrating 35 years in Canada since its inception in 1987.

“We’re proud to celebrate 35 years of Acura in Canada. Our Canadian manufacturing and sales teams have played a strong role in the success of Acura in North America,” said James Marchand, Assistant Vice President, Acura Canada in a release. “We look forward to exciting times ahead, as we bring a new generation of Precision Crafted Performance to Canadians, with an all-new Integra coming this spring and an all-new electric SUV, launching in 2024.”

Acura was the first luxury brand from a Japanese automaker to manufacture and offer vehicles in Canada, and since 1987, an estimated 598,000 Acura luxury cars and SUVs have been sold across the country.

On home soil of Alliston, Ontario, the Honda of Canada Mfg plant has built more than 800,000 Acura vehicles, including the first-generation ZDX and MDX models as well as the EL and CSX sedans, exclusive to the Canadian market.

Currently, Acura has over 50 locations in its dealer network across the country, providing Canadians with five distinctive Acura vehicles, including the MDX and RDX SUVs, the TLX and ILX sedans as well as the NSX supercar. In addition to their current lineup, Acura has announced their plans for developing a large-sized EV model for a North American market in 2024, using GM’s Ultium battery.


5 Things to Know About the 2023 Acura Integra

For the first time since its arrival to the country in 1987, the iconic Integra nameplate is making a return to Canadian dealerships in June, with a starting price of $34,350.

Labelled as an icon for the next generation of enthusiast drivers, the 2023 Integra comes as a new performance gateway for Acura with its delivery of sporty engineering and advanced technology, packaged in a sleek liftback exterior that promises excitement.

In preparation for the launch of the segment, here are five things you need to know about the 2023 Acura Integra:

Dressed to Impress

Inspired by the legacy of Integras before it, the 2023 model maintains a sporty coupe-like presence with its low cowl, liftback design. In contrast to its familiar profile, the modern reimagining allures with its Diamond Pentagon front grille, bordered by four JewlEye LED headlights, while the wide single piece LED tail lights pay homage to the older Integra generations.

The Integra nameplate is once again embossed in the front and rear fascia, while the A-Spec sport package adds gloss black front and rear fascia trim, distinct A-Spec badges, a lip spoiler as well as Shark Grey 18-inch alloy wheels.

A Premium Cabin Feel

2023 Acura Integra

Nearly every surface of the 2023 Integra features high-quality materials for a distinct and comfortable driving experience.

Highlighted by a sleek black trim, the climate control vents resemble the diamond mesh pattern of the grille. Synthetic leather front seats with 8-way power adjustments are now body-stabilizing and heated, while rear passengers enjoy generous legroom. The rear seatbacks may additionally be folded flat to expand the cargo area.

And for a performance edge, the A-Spec package adds stainless steel pedals, contrast stitching on the steering wheel, seats, shifter and shift boots, as well as striking red gauge needles. The Elite A-Spec package includes 12-way power seats for the driver.

An Exhilarating Driving Experience

2023 Acura Integra

Setting a new standard for modern engineering, the first-ever factory turbocharged Integra sports a 1.5-litre VTEC turbo 4-cylinder engine, producing 200 hp and 192 lb-ft of torque. Integra’s standard CVT automatic transmission is specifically tuned for the high-output of the turbo engine, responding quickly, while the rigid body, sport-tuned chassis and fully independent suspension system all deliver comfortable, sporty handling.

Drivers will have a choice of three select driving modes (Comfort, Normal and Sport) through the standard Integrated Dynamics System (IDS), which provides correlating transmission mapping, throttle response, steering feel and gauge coloration.

The available segment-exclusive 6-speed manual transmission model offers additional performance personality features, such as automatic rev matching on downshifts and power distribution through the helical limited-slip differential when accelerating out of corners.

Integra’s Elite A-Spec Package also adds adjustments to in-cabin engine sound and a  personalized “Individual” driving mode for customized IDS settings for driver preference.

Segment-Leading Technology

Integra’s class-leading technology boasts a standard 10.2-inch Acura Precision Cockpit digital gauge cluster featuring multiple display modes and a 7-inch digital touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration.

The Elite A-Spec Package increases the digital touchscreen to 9-inches, with built-in Alexa integration, Qi wireless charging and a 5.3 Heads-Up Display.

Safety Around Every Turn

Finally, the 2023 Integra arrives with Acura’s extensive suite of standard safety features and driver-assisting technologies.

Included in Integra’s standard AcuraWatch are the Collision Mitigation Braking Systems, which distinguish between vehicles, pedestrians and bicycles; the Traffic Sign Recognition, Traffic Jam Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control and the Lane Keeping Assist System.

Further advancements have been made to the driver and passenger front airbags, designed to cradle the head and reduce the risk of brain injuries in the result of a collision. Acura’s Advanced Compatibility Engineering body structure additionally provides collision protection, distributing impact force from other vehicles as well as pedestrians, reducing the likelihood of injury.