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Acura MDX JD

Acura MDX scores back-to-back wins: Named best-in-class for residual value again

The good news just keeps coming for Policaro Acura customers. For two years running, the Acura MDX has clenched the prestigious J.D. Power Canada ALG Residual Value Award, reaffirming its position as a standout in its class. Most recently, the MDX has won the top spot for 2023 Residual Value in the Midsize Premium SUV 3-Row Segment, an honour that proves Acura vehicles continue to be ranked among the top luxury brands in Canada for holding their value.

It’s a major victory, not only for Acura as a brand, but for MDX owners, like yourself. Such a recognition further solidifies the staying power of the Acura MDX. Industry experts agree, this 3-row SUV holds its worth. When you commit to an MDX, you can feel good about your investment—this is a vehicle that is expected to retain its value more so than any other in its category.

“We couldn’t be happier to receive this J.D. Power Canada ALG Residual Value Award for the second year in a row,” says James Marchand, Assistant Vice President at Acura Canada. “The Acura MDX and MDX Type S set the bar for performance luxury SUVs in Canada.”

Marchand emphasized Acura’s dedication to precision crafted performance, quality and reliability, noting that these key pillars helped the MDX snag this top spot for the second time in a row. The win further underscores Acura’s value proposition for Canadian consumers.

The J.D. Power 2024 Canada ALG Residual Value Awards carry significant weight in the automotive industry. It serves as a trusted standard for recognizing vehicles projected to retain the highest percentage of their manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) after three years. This year, 272 models were sent through an evaluation that looked at used-vehicle performance, product competitiveness and overall brand outlook.

This recognition is crucial for car buyers evaluating the total cost of ownership and resale value of a prospective vehicle, regardless of whether they opt for financing, leasing, or purchasing outright.

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