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Powerhouse couple: Acura and Bang & Olufsen announce premium audio collab

There’s nothing quite as special as motoring down an open road with your favourite playlist on. It sets the entire mood for the driving experience. At Acura, we understand that a superior in-car audio experience is nearly as important as the mechanics itself. That’s why our latest collaboration with Bang & Olufsen, the high-end electronics maker, is so important to us.

It’s with great pride that we announce that the all-new fully electric 2024 ZDX and 2024 ZDX Type S will be the first Acura models to integrate Bang & Olufsen and its iconic audio performance technologies. We know that audiophiles around the world recognize Bang & Olufsen as a leader in sound quality and so it only makes sense that we would partner with the Danish brand for the release of our first-ever fully EVs.

“A world class, premium audio system is expected by consumers in performance and luxury focused vehicles,” said James Marchand, Assistant Vice President, Acura Canada. “Acura strives to be a ‘destination brand’ for Canadians and this newly announced collaboration with Bang & Olufsen takes us to the next level, this will amplify the consumer experience beginning with our first fully electrified vehicle, the ZDX.”

There’s no doubt that Acura customers will appreciate the quality and performance of the Bang & Olufsen system. HARMAN International, which owns Bang & Olufsen’s automotive division, is known for delivering unparalleled sound quality through its craftsmanship and state-of-the-art capabilities. The Bang & Olufsen premium audio system that will be housed in the 2024 ZDX has been designed specifically for Acura and will give both drivers and passengers an elevated listening experience.

“Acura and Bang & Olufsen are equally driven to deliver unparalleled performance and memorable experiences, and we’re excited to kick off our new long-term partnership that will set a new precedent for in-vehicle audio and technology for years to come as we collaborate on future Acura products,” said Tom Rivers, VP, Global Marketing at HARMAN. “The values and DNA of the legendary Bang & Olufsen brand are showcased in the incredible sound system HARMAN engineers have created for the new Acura ZDX, delivering the superior performance and quality fans of both brands have come to expect.”

It’s an exciting time for Acura as we anticipate the release of our first-ever, fully electric vehicle, and knowing that this model will come with such a high-end audio experience will make its arrival that much sweeter.

To learn more about the ZDX or its Bang & Olufsen system, contact the team Policaro Acura today.