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What is the Acura Integrated Dynamics System or IDS?

Acura is a brand obsessed with precision. Its very name is a modification of the latin word “acu,” meaning done with precision. Its vehicles are developed and designed in the most meticulous and accurate manner, and the considerations made to the driving experience are as equally as on-point. So when it comes to choosing the dynamics, it’s no surprise that Acura drivers have a precise yet easy-to-use tool to dial in with: Acura Integrated Dynamics System. 

Acura’s Integrated Dynamic System, or IDS for short, features five drive modes – Normal, Comfort, Economy, Sport, and Sport+ – all accessible at the push of a button located beside the gear selector. Each mode includes pre-programmed settings that adjust the car’s power distribution, throttle response, steering feel, and more, depending on the desired driving experience or road demands. If, for example, you’re looking to save money on the morning commute? Slide it into Economy. Chauffeuring the in-laws? Consider Comfort mode. Or heading out on the track? Then Sport+ is the obvious choice.  

Here’s a detailed breakdown of each of the five Acura IDS drive modes: 


Well-balanced and perfect for regular driving, Normal mode provides a comfortable baseline for drivers. 


The Comfort setting builds on Normal by taking some of the steering wheel pressure off the driver and lowering steering input requirements. Relax and drive easy. 


When efficiency is the priority, drivers can activate Economy mode to get the most out of each tank of fuel. Throttle response is dampened and climate control moderated slightly to get more out of each litre.


Drivers can expect to feel and hear the difference in Sport mode as it adjusts several settings including Active Sound Control. Throttle response and steering wheel feel are sharpened to create a more precise, fast-twitch experience. And in Acura vehicles featuring Super Handling All-Wheel Drive, this mode also sends more power to the rear wheels for an even sportier sensation. 


The ultimate expression of Acura performance driving, Sport+ uses the same setup as Sport and punches it up with a unique shifting pattern featuring higher engine revs and quicker transitions through the gears. Best used on the track or wherever sporty driving is safely permitted. 

For more information on how to use the system, check out this quick and helpful video from Acura Canada.

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