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Tips to consider before purchasing your next Acura

Whether you’re searching for a brand new 2023 Acura model or are considering a pre-owned vehicle, now is the perfect time to begin evaluating your next Acura purchase.

Planning and dealership consultation are the names of the game currently, as consumer demand in the automotive sector is at an all time high. Plus, with supply chain issues and a chip shortage, inventory continues to remain limited across North America.  With these factors in mind, here are a few tips to consider before buying a new or pre-owned Acura this season.

Plan your purchase ahead of time

When buying or leasing a vehicle, drivers generally look six months ahead to evaluate their options, whether it’s a newer model arriving at the dealership or a previous model with increased availability.

Currently, Policaro Acura is reaching out to guests between 12 to 18 months ahead of time in order to stay ahead of unexpected delays and extended wait times. This might feel extreme, but this added time creates a much needed buffer and helps avoid disappointment that can come with waiting until the six-month mark. Planning ahead allows customers to select their desired model, trim package and colour combinations while also taking advantage of the soaring equity new vehicles have on the market today.

Purchasing pre-owned vehicles

With heightened demand pointed towards the new car market, drivers searching for a pre-owned vehicle also have the advantage of an increased number of vehicle trade-ins arriving at dealerships across the country.

At Policaro Acura, we have insight into all incoming pre-owned inventory many months in advance. Guests searching for a pre-owned vehicle can be given insight into upcoming pre-owned inventory, receive a timeline for arrival and be placed on a unique order list to view the vehicles before they hit the consumer market.

To find a new or pre-owned Acura model, contact Policaro Acura today.