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2022 MDX Precision Cockpit

Detailing AcuraWatch’s safety features and driver-assistance technology

When it comes to any Acura model, safety is as important as the engineering and stylistic features that often take the spotlight of a new release.

Through advancing research and technology, Acura is consistently pushing the boundary of what it means to be safe and secure behind the wheel, ultimately creating a zero-collision society with their lineup of SUVs and cars.

Introducing AcuraWatch, the manufacturer’s standard safety package that’s powered by the radar unit housed within the vehicle’s grille and a high-resolution camera mounted behind the windshield. The combination of these two systems provides drivers with a set of advanced driver assistance systems, including lane-keeping assistance, collision warning and braking, and speed and distance maintenance.

span style=”font-weight: 400;”>One of the key features of the AcuraWatch system is the Forward Collision Warning System, which automatically provides drivers with audio and visual cues moments before a collision is predicted, allowing them to take immediate corrective action. If no reaction is detected, the Collision Mitigation Braking System will apply the brakes automatically.

During travel, the Adaptive Cruise Control allows drivers the freedom of a maintained speed between 30 and 150 km/h, automatically adjusting speed and braking to hold a desired speed and follow adjacent vehicles from a safe distance. Many Acura models will additionally come to a halt with traffic from speeds under 30 km/h, the exception being the Acura ILX, which does not include this feature.

AcuraWatch additionally includes the Lane Keeping Assist System which autonomously analyses road markings and detects a lane change through the use of turn signals. If the vehicle unexpectedly drifts from the current lane, a merge is conducted without a signal or the lane is obstructed, the system will alert the driver to take action and will steer the vehicle back into the centre of the lane. Road Departure Mitigation also assures the vehicle remains on the pavements, applying the brakes in critical situations.

AcuraWatch and its systems are currently available in all Acura SUV and sedan models. Acura owners can additionally opt in and out of select features. Soon, the introduction of the 2022 TLX sedan will add a Driver Monitoring System, a Traffic-Sign Recognition System, and Traffic-Jam Assistance to the AcuraWatch features list.