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Integra prototype makes public debut at RADwood SoCal Car Show

Surrounded by the fully realized spirit of the 1980s and 90s, revived at the RADwood SoCal Car Show, Acura delivered the first in-person look at the long-awaited 2023 Integra Prototype, a soon-to-be re-envisioned model that originally heralded the automaker to Canada in 1987.

The Integra returns with a distinctive coupe-like exterior body designed in Japan, with a sloping roofline and liftback tailgate, taking notes from the five-generation history of the namesake. This callback to classic models is further referenced by the vehicle’s muscular rear wheel arches and aggressive rear fascia with dual-exhaust, the body work finished with an iconic Indy Yellow Pearl paint job and Berlina Black accents.

Despite the homage of aesthetics to a beloved era of now classic car culture, the 2023 Integra is well equipped to surpass today’s standards for performance and comfort behind the wheel. The revived classic features Acura’s first-ever factory-turbocharged engine, with an available six-speed manual transmission and 1.5-litre motor.

“The Integra is an exciting new chapter in the history of one of the most iconic models Acura has ever built,” said James Marchand, Assistant Vice President Acura Canada. “It’s return marks our commitment to delivering performance-focused and fun to drive vehicles that are rich in style, versatility and attainable to a variety of consumers and lifestyles.”

While the sporty five-door, with its signature frameless Diamond Pentagon grille and LED lights was sure to turn heads during its reveal, its presence among its multi-generational brethren further cemented the spirit of RADwood this past month.

Acura displayed ten multi-generational Integra models on loan from private owners and collection halls across the country, including championship-winning race cars, replicas and the actual Integra GS-R from The Fast and The Furious, all celebrating the automotive lifestyle of Acura in the 1980s and 1990s.

More details about the 2023 Acura Integra are expected early next year with it’s arrival in Canadian dealerships at a starting price within the mid $30,000s.