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This 1992 Acura NSX owner hits 400,000 miles (yes, miles)

Photo credit: Sean Dirk

For many vehicle owners, the odometer is a reflection of memories and moments spent behind the wheel, remembered at every momentous mile marker. For 1992 Acura NSX owner Sean Dirk, that reflection came after nearly 20 years of ownership and 400,000 miles of road travelled.

After purchasing the NSX in the early 2000s from its original owner, Dirk has spent the past 17 years behind the wheel of his daily driver, adding up 330,000 miles of road trips, daily commutes and a surprisingly low number of journeys to the mechanic shop.

Besides a full suspension rebuild some 20,000 miles before the 400k mark, Dirk had only encountered one significant issue with his early production NSX involving the transmission’s snap rings, a common problem in the early 90s lineup of the NSX. Facing a crippled transmission at the 123,000 mile mark, Dirk swapped the vehicle’s gear set for a final drive system found within the reliable NSX-R with a tighter 4.23 ratio.

At its core, his NSX largely remains in factory condition with only minor adjustments to the vehicle’s exhaust, wheels and a few others. Even after its repair, the suspension system was rebuilt to stock specifications, continuing the overall performance and reliability of the NSX.

Dirk’s NSX is one of 8,997 models produced and sold to drivers in the U.S. over a 15 year period, offered with 3.0 and 3.2-liter V6 four-speed automatic engines. And while performance technology has advanced significantly since the 90s, it’s the stories found within those 400,000 miles that keep this particular NSX on the road today.