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Acura Integra Teaser Sketch

Return of an Acura legend: the new Acura Integra is coming

First introduced when Acura arrived in Canada in 1987, the iconic Integra nameplate is returning to the spotlight, promising a familiar spirit and legacy-spanning Precision Crafted Performance that is true to the DNA of the original model.

Acura announced the new-generation Integra during Monterey Car Week with a display of drone-ferrying lights outlining a compact two-door hatchback, with iconic pop-up headlights and boxy appearance, emblematic of the ’80s Integra two-door design.

The series of lights continued, announcing “Integra returns 2022,” a decision allegedly made six years ago according to Acura Brand Officer Jon Ikeda. While many details as to the next-generation Integra’s platform and production are still in the dark, the returning model is likely to be a hybrid vehicle, following Acura’s electrification goals.

With auto enthusiasts calling back to their first experiences with the original Integra during its reign, Ikeda notes, “it will live up to the hype,” fueling the excitement as eager eyes turn to Acura in the coming years, waiting to catch a glimpse at a new point in the manufacturer’s history.

Acura has further teased the upcoming Integra with an image of the car’s new checkmark-shaped LED headlight on the brand website. The image also reveals a small slice of the Integra’s new grille, but little else.

How do you interpret Acura’s Integra signalling? Will the car be electric? Four-doors or two? Will they keep it true to the original and go for points in the nostalgia category? Or look to revitalize the nameplate, bumper to boot, for the future?

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