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The 2019 Acura RDX comes out swinging, breaks sales records. Here’s what all the fuss is about

Deep down, every automaker expects all their new models to be successful. Apart from the rare case when a vehicle is produced to prove a point or celebrate a milestone, etc., great sales number are all but expected after investing untold amounts of money and energy to modernize a vehicle.

However, even Acura is pleasantly surprised at the level of success the newly redesigned 2019 RDX is currently experiencing; throughout North America, the popular luxury crossover has been shattering sales records. 

In June, Acura reported that the 2019 RDX sold 949 units throughout Canada, instantly becoming one of the brand’s strongest debuts.


Same thing goes for our slightly more Southern cousins in the US: having sold 7,292 units in June, the RDX obliterated the record for “most units sold in a month,” which was set by the MDX back in 2014 (6,761 units). With these strong numbers, Acura sold more SUVs in one month than ever before, totaling 11,185 units.

So why has the 2019 RDX had such a good summer? Well, thanks to novel technologies and Acura’s attention to detail, the crossover has everything to charm potential buyers.


Its new 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder develops 272 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque, helping both fuel economy and overall performance. Same goes for the ten-speed automatic gearbox: whether you are looking to maximize fuel economy or out-accelerate the car in the next lane to merge, this modern unit can almost make you forget it’s there. Acura’s SH-AWD system, meanwhile, ensures you will get to your destination regardless of the road conditions.

Inside, drivers are treated to a wide variety of available equipment, from the heated seats and steering wheel to 4G-LTE WiFi connectivity, Apple CarPlay and large infotainment screens. The leather interior is another of Acura’s best. Boasting impressive build quality and luxurious materials, the RDX looks and feels like the best money can buy.

Have you noticed any 2019 Acura RDXs on the roads? Judging by this out-of-the-gate success, you will soon. At this rate, you might even be the one behind the wheel.

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5 reasons to consider buying a demo Acura

When it comes to purchasing a new vehicle at a dealership, many people consider two options: new or pre-owned. Both options come with their own advantages and should definitely be considered, but did you know that there’s another lesser-known option at the dealership? The demo vehicle. And, depending on what you’re looking for, it may represent the best deal on the lot.

Demo vehicles (also known as demonstrators) are vehicles that have been driven on test drives by customers or as short-term daily drivers by dealership executives and are therefore offered at a reduced price. For the savvy buyer who knows what she wants, these should not be overlooked.

So, why buy a demo vehicle? Here are five reasons to consider.


Reduced Capital Cost

Everyone knows that the value of a new vehicle depreciates the moment the odometer starts ticking. Demo vehicles are no different. When the number on the odometer of a demo goes up, the overall cost goes down. Despite being like-new with most of the same benefits, many demos are markedly cheaper thanks to a reading of a few thousand kms on the dash.

No Freight Charge

Getting a car from the factory where it was assembled to the facility from which it will be sold is a large undertaking, and most of the time it isn’t free for the purchaser. New vehicles often include a Freight Charge in addition to the sticker price. When the vehicle has been used as a demo, however, the fee is removed.


No Pre-Delivery Inspection Charge

When new vehicles arrive at a dealership, they undergo what’s called a pre-delivery inspection (PDI), where the dealership’s certified technicians carefully examine the vehicle and ensure it’s properly setup and calibrated for delivery. For demo vehicles, the dealership absorbs this fee, not the purchaser.

All Rebates and Incentives Apply

It’s not a new car, but it is. Demos enjoy all the same rebates and incentives as new vehicles, so purchasers can take advantage of varying lease and finance options. 

The Best Trims & Options

Because the purpose is to showcase a particular car’s notable strengths and perks, demo vehicles are often ordered in the top-of-the-line trim with the best options. These fully outfitted models are usually in short supply, so if you’re seeking a specific car with a specific package, colour or option, be sure to check out the available demos.


Check out our current Acura demo vehicles here.